About MajorPower


Do you want to invest on the best? If your answer is yes MajorPower is for you!

MajorPower offers physical exercise and wellness -services for consumers and enterprises.
MajorPower emphasizes on holistic impact – motion, nutrition and rest.
MajorPower is an encouraging Personal Trainer for You.
MajorPower-packages are easy to choose from to your liking.


  • Personal Training
  • Individual consulting
  • Nutrition and wellness coaching
  • WeightLoss – groups
  • Fitness testing
  • Inner scanning (body fat mass, BMI, visceral fat, muscle mass etc.)
  • “Vitality and Energy for employees” – Refreshment days of body and mind
  • Lectures on different subjects (tailored)
  • Detox -footbath

Packages for consumers:

  • MajorStart -personal training for 3 months (1290 e incl. VAT 24 %)
  • MajorFit for 6 months (1990 e incl. VAT 24 %)
  • MajorWellness for 9 months (2990 e incl. VAT 24 %)
  • MajorChoice (tailored)
  • MajorWeightFairies (120 e incl. VAT 24 %/person/5 times. Minimun 10 people)

Packages for enterprises:

  • MajorWeightLoss
  • MajorVitality

Other prices will be negotiated separately depending on the content and number of people attending.
Prices are valid for the time being.

About me

I am an enthusiastic Personal Trainer, Adult Psysical Exercise Instructor, Nutrition and Wellness Coach and Teacher from Helsinki. I have worked with the adult education (Master of education degree) for many years. My priority is to help my clients to cope with every-day life and let them feel served in a holistic way: physical condition, mental wellness, recovery, nutrition, relaxation and fun. The change in a way of life is always possible and we can do it together. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me any time. Start today and you’ll feel great tomorrow!


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  • MajorPower / Anne Majuri
    PL 412, 00101 Helsinki
    040 - 554 3281

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